About me…

Born on December 26th 2007, was kinda bored and alone at home and decided to pay a visit to SL. Since then I confess I’m addicted to it.

Shoping, hang out, explore without course… everything goes…

At the beginning of the year of 2008 I also collaborated with Ben Vanguard on his blog www.slmen.com, where I did 7 articles on which I learned many things about the SL fashion world – thank you Ben for everything I learned with you.

After some time I decided to look with attention to fashion world, so besides my art gallery I decided to join PixelDoll’s wholesale group and become one of its associates. Next step was to create a group for this holding to gather both gallery and the 3 PixelDolls’ shops (3 until now…and with my mainstore at slurl.com/secondlife/Liome/196/65/44 closed on 19/8/2010; replaced by http://slurl.com/secondlife/Serendipity%20Mall/15/171/31)

I have to thank to some friends all the support they gave me to open PixelDolls: MIG Cortois (picture above), Milla Michinaga and Ana Kornberg (picture on the left). Thank you girls!!

In August 2008, and with the help of CheerNo Destiny, I opened NM Haute Couture intended to take a place on SL’s Haute Couture it provide to its customers outfits inspired in RL haute couture models. First collection was made for this Fashion House by Augustus Garzo and the next ones by Miuccia Valeska. The shop is located on the commercial square of the City of Liome just next to my PixelDolls’ mainstore (slurl.com/secondlife/Liome/209/33/44 closed on 19/8/2010). Once again I have to thank my friends for the help received.

 Any contact should be done to nuno.mccullough@yahoo.com.br


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